Rico & Gloria

A bit about Rico & Gloria

First of all, we love to create beauty and livable enviroments. To create a space people can truly enjoy themselves in with every option. Good and Healthy Food, Individual and Suitable Shelters and a stimulating space for everybody.

DENNIS is a trained carpenter and electrician. He completed his professions with the study of permaculture in Belgium. After 15 years of experience he applies his knowledge in a very unique way to create and complete projects such as restaurants, cafes, bars, homes, gardens and entire habitats.

ANDREA studied Graphic Design in Hamburg (Germany) and studied Holistic Healing in Bloemendaal (Netherlands). She put these two studies together into a Holistic Design career. Now living on Ibiza with her family she creates house, restaurant, café, bar, boat and car interiors, gardens… basicly any different kind of fun project.

What we do

Do you really want something different? All of us have the urge, but not all of us have the nerves. The secret to look and to be different is to really BE YOURSELF. And this never gets out of style.

We can advise you or give you a whole concept of Holistic Design. We do renovations, decorations, Remodelling and the whole realisation of your habitat. Also we make Custom made Furniture for your special needs. An extra service that we provide is getting your home ready for sale, we’re specialists in home staging.



Our Philosophy

THE ROOTS – A substainable Lifestyle: How to create an individual and independent self contained household and how to organize our life in the context of a larger whole. We create the condition of our own happiness.

THE TRUNK – The principles:
The design with consideration to individual needs and wishes, family situation, feng shui, climate, sourrounding and coordinates.

THE BRANCHES – Solar power, water recycle, room climate, shelters, leisure time pursuits, social Life.

THE LEAF – The structure:
The aim is organized chaos.
There are no straight lines in nature. Organic shapes result in a feel good design.

THE FRUITS – The result:
Livable enviroments and edible landscapes.

THE SEED – The next generation:
A heathy future for your Children.

Dennis “RICO” de Waard

Andrea “GLORIA” Schick

Less is more. Clear, visionary,
modern design.

More is more. This beautiful island, it’s nature, colours and people provide us with an endless source of inspiration and possibilities.

This natural material is a great way to create organic structures and very suitable to be combined with almost every other material.

With Mosaic we can cover many curved and straight surfaces to flair up your personal habitat with a unique and individual design.

Microcement is a beautiful way to smoothen up minimalisticly built designs, it’s waterproof and available in many different colours.

A garden is the extension of your shelter, the exterior of an individual space. So to create a garden matching the personal needs, situation and desires we consider evenly important to creating a personalised interior. Through the windows of your house the garden forms an important role of your daily life.

Sustainable landscapes are life filled places that not only provide food for humans, they are habitats for wildlife, carbon sequestering, biodiversity, natural soil building gardens of fruit, berries and nuts, perennial and annual vegetables and herbs. These many-layered gardens are beautiful, resilient and self-renewing.

With the emphasis on the whole system as an interrelated organism, interconnectedness is the key to a healthy, dynamic garden. The vision is to maintain the benefits of a natural ecosystem while increasing the amount of food produced, always aiming towards sustainability, productivity and low maintenance.

Venda des Porrals 22, apdo. correos 161, 07810 St. Joan de Labritja, Ibiza, Spain